Hi, my name is Daniel Morrison and believe it not, a few years ago I had hardly ever placed a bet in my life...but after coming across a racing forum one day that eventually changed my life,  I can now make more money in a day than many people can hope to earn in a week - and it's really very easy! Now you can copy me and do the same as I do and make money just like me. And what is more, you can start making this money right now.

 Dear Reader,


The above statement is absolutely true. In fact £500 a week should be just a starting point for everyone once you get going because you can win £50, £100, £150 or more every day and right from day one, backing just one horse in a race*.


You will also not be required to place any risky bets yourself by doubling up your stakes after backing a loser, (no profitable system will ever ask you to do this), plus you won't need nerves of steel to get you through any long losing runs - because you will hardly have any at all.


You see there are a small number of people who do just the same as me and earn these large amounts of money every week but up until now no one has exposed these methods and this is because these people are not too keen to discuss this method of betting, let alone the amounts that they are winning and when you start using the system, you will understand why.


If you look around the internet you will find that most people don't believe a betting system can work.


The reality is, most people don't have this betting system.




A few years ago now, purely by chance, I came across this method of betting and the more I looked into it, the more excited I became. I tested it one Friday afternoon and was absolutely amazed as I went on to win over £75 in about an hour and a half - I couldn't believe it. I 'played' again on the Saturday and won a further £130 backing a number of horses and soon began to realise that this was not just a one off but something that I could use to win more and more, over and over again.


Now I have improved the selection process from the original giving users a far more methodical approach to finding their bets so users can all back the same horses the vast majority of the time. I know that this is an important point for many system users and one that I wanted to accomplish.


What I love now is the number of winning bets I can find every day and by implementing these alongside the strategy these other serious gamblers have been using already for years. I am now confident I can constantly take my betting to another level and improve my profits whenever, simply by increasing my stakes - and now so can you.



The method itself is now simple enough that a novice can easily operate it successfully with only four major rules to follow to find all of your bets. Obviously clear and concise instructions are given to all users but the simplicity itself is possibly one of the reasons why it has been overlooked as a serious way of winning. However because of the fact that it is so simple and yet so hugely profitable, the people who have been using it are not too keen to share their little GOLD MINE.



In the information you will receive, I give you clear details of how to get started immediately, meaning that you could have £50, £100 or actually quite a bit more in your pocket even by the end of today and certainly by the end of the week and  I mean it - I just can't overstate how profitable this can be.


I will show you the same methods I use myself everyday and how to turn the winners into cash to help you move away from working the 'rat race' to making simple, healthy profits from home - if that is what you want of course!



Some say you get out of life what you put in. Not in this case! I know people who work sixty hours a week and they are lucky if they make £400 clear after tax. I also know people who 'work' less than twenty hours a week and make over £2,000 or £3,000 pounds on a regular basis. You see, it's not so much the hours you put in, it's how you use them. Wouldn't you agree?



This betting system gives you the chance to break free from the monotony of having no spare cash every week because of the job that hardly pays you enough to survive on, let alone buy the things that you would truly like to own like that new car or a couple of holidays each year in nice warm locations etc., etc.


Winning the amounts of money each week like you can do will give you nicer things, but it will also give you freedom.


Freedom to spend more time doing the things that you really enjoy. More time to spend with your family and friends, more time to take up the sports or pastimes that you have always wanted to try or the freedom to just relax and take things easy for once, knowing that you have some sort of financial peace of mind. A life free from worry is probably the greatest freedom of all don't you think? I'm sure you do......

*There may be occasions when you have two selections in a race but over 95% of the time you are backing one horse.


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